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Looking for a unique and thrilling gift to surprise your loved ones? Consider the excitement and adventure of an escape room experience! Give the gift of unforgettable memories with our personalized escape room gift certificates. Whether they are avid puzzle solvers, adventure enthusiasts, or simply enjoy a fun challenge, an escape room is suitable for all. It’s an ideal opportunity for team building and bonding, fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Our gift certificates offer flexibility and convenience, allowing recipients to choose their preferred date and time for their adventure. With a digital gift certificate, you can instantly excite them and make their special occasion truly memorable.

If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for more than 8 people, please give us a call at 0477 070 919. Our team will be happy to assist you further.
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Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase, then consider adding a personal touch by crafting a unique message, such as a birthday greeting. Although optional, this can add an intimate flavor to your gift. If you want to deliver the gift directly, simply tick the 'Forward Gift via Email' option and provide the recipient's details.

select the number of players

Please indicate the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Each ticket grants access for one person to experience the room. Kindly note that the minimum requirement to operate a room is equivalent to four tickets. However, if you are purchasing a single ticket, it will cover the individual you have gifted it to.

by phone

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 0477 070 919. We are available to provide support and address any inquiries you may have.