We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in our gaming experience while adhering to the following guidelines. Remember, these rules are in place to ensure everyone enjoys their time and preserves the game’s integrity.

Personal Reading:

    • Please read these rules individually and quietly. Public reading is discouraged to maintain an atmosphere of suspense and discovery.

Technology-Free Zone:

    • Our rooms are zones of genuine human interaction. Any devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities, such as mobile phones, smartwatches, FitBits, or torches, are not permitted. If you notice a fellow player with such a device, kindly remind them—it’s easy to forget.

Food and Beverage Policy:

    • To maintain the cleanliness and safety of our rooms, we ask that no food or drinks be brought inside.

Gentle Interaction:

    • Our rooms and puzzles are designed for gentle use. There’s no need for brute force; everything will yield to subtle effort. Please respect our property—if anything is damaged, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

Respecting Furniture:

    • Please do not move or climb on the furniture. Everything necessary for your escape is within easy reach.

Hack-free Environment:

    • We discourage the forceful opening of locks—it diminishes the experience for everyone.


    • Avoid leaving items on the floor where they can be stepped on. Instead, place them in a spot where they can be easily found and retrieved after you exit the room.


    • When moving from room to room, leave everything from the previous room behind. If you notice someone has taken an item, kindly ask them to return it.


    • For safety and progress tracking purposes, our rooms are monitored by security cameras.


    • When you complete your game, please respect the experience of those still waiting by refraining from discussing the room’s details.


    • The room’s entrance remains unlocked, and you are free to exit the way you entered. As you advance through the game, you will encounter exit switches for unlocking doors should you need to leave.


    • Please refrain from using foul language. We aim to create a family-friendly environment.


    • In an emergency, exit the room through the entrance, unless there’s a door equipped with an emergency-only button.

Engage Creatively:

    • Use your creativity, stay alert, and focus on the details. Sometimes, the solution lies in simplicity—avoid overthinking.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We wish you an exciting and immersive adventure!
Please fill out the form below to confirm you understand and agree to these rules.


    We kindly request that you fill out the following form to confirm your comprehension and acceptance of the provided rules.