The Naughty List

4-8 Players
50 Minutes
80% Escape Rate

“The Naughty List” is a Christmas-themed escape room where teams discover they’re on Santa’s naughty list. To rectify this, they daringly break into Santa’s office at the North Pole. Inside, they’re met with a festive setting and must solve Christmas-themed puzzles and challenges to locate and remove their names from the naughty list. The room is filled with surprises, including a¬†mischievous elf. The final challenge lies in Santa’s secret office, where they must unlock a magical ledger. It’s a fun and immersive holiday adventure.


Participants must be either 16 years or older, or at least 5 years old, and accompanied by a parent or guardian who is older than 16.

Dual room experience
Best suited for Families / Kids