Peter Rabbit

4-8 Players
50 Minutes
78% Escape Rate

Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Bunnyville Toowoomba, the annual Easter Escape Room Challenge was just around the corner. Every year, the townspeople eagerly awaited this event. The challenge, hosted by the legendary puzzle master Mr. Hoppington, was known to bring families, friends, and neighbors together for a fun-filled, egg-citing adventure. This year, Mr. Hoppington had outdone himself. He transformed his family’s old barn into a fantastical escape room, filled with Easter-themed puzzles and riddles. The walls were adorned with vibrant murals of autumntime meadows, pastel-colored eggs, and whimsical bunnies hopping through the grass. A sweet scent of chocolate and fresh flowers filled the air.


Participants must be either 16 years or older, or at least 8 years old, and accompanied by a parent or guardian who is older than 16.

Single room experience
Best suited for Families / Kids